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Swifts Bowls Club is a progressive and forward thinking Club that has its roots in Ipswich. It started life as Booval Bowls Club and changed its name after joining Swifts Sports Club together with six other Sporting Clubs. This union is the foundation of its prosperity. 

The Club boasts two international quality Tifdwarf greens and is the holder of the Premier League franchise for the Cunningham District. This makes Swifts a Club which can boast to having some of the most talented bowlers in Ipswich.

As a result of its affiation with Swifts Sports Club, it has its own outdoor facilities which enables the Swifts Bowls Club to entertain visiting Clubs and guests. These facilities are great for hosting Premier League home games; and groups that enjoy the idea of a night of barefoot bowls and a BBQ under the cool evening sky.

You will find us in Cameron Park on the main entrance to the Ipswich CBD.





Cnr Brisbane Rd & Green St, Booval, Queensland 4304. PH: 07 3282 7511.

Email: swiftsbowls@gmail.com 


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